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Learn how to create energy alignment in your life and business


As an astrologer, human design guide, energy practitioner and business mentor I help business owners and creatives understand how to work in harmony with their unique energy signature and the energy of the cosmos.

Weaving together 


Human Design


Coherence over Hustle

Coherence and energy alignment are the keys to creating an energy rich and successful life and business. Astrology and human design are profound tools for understanding yourself, your energy and creating harmony in your life. I believe that these modalities are for everyone, not just the experts. You can learn and integrate these modalities for yourself, your family and in your business to create harmony and energy alignment. I believe coherence is the new hustle and these modalities can show you how to create it. 

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These courses are a great place to begin if you’re ready to start working in flow with the cosmos and your unique design.



A 6-week group journey exploring your personal energetics, so that you can remember, reclaim and awaken your inner truth. 

This program is currently closed. 


Astrology, Level One

This foundational astrology course will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your astrological journey. Suited to those pursuing a career as an astrologer and those who wish to start using astrology in their business and life. 


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Lunar Cycles Masterclass

Learn how to harness the cycles of the moon to help you create more ease, flow and abundance in your life. 

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Human Design, Level One

A foundational Human Design program for coaches, HR Managers, parents and those who desire to become a Human Design Reader in the future.  


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Enriched Business Incubator

 A hybrid business program for mystics, healers, visionaries and creatives!  For those who are ready to go deep and learn how to run an energetically aligned, coherent and soulful biz. 


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Work with me

If you are ready to dive deep and create change in your life and business, I work with a small handful of people one-on-one.

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Weaving together Human Design and Astrology, Amy offers intuitive Human Design and Astrology readings, and year ahead business forecasts. Readings are offered on an irregular basis. Click through below to see what is currently available.

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3-Month Business Mentoring


Private mentoring for business owners who desire 1:1 support in creating energy alignment in their life and business.  Business mentoring with Amy is a 5-figure investment and is only suitable for those who are truly ready to invest, grow and go deep.  

Spaces are currently full.

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About me!

Hi! I'm Amy, I teach astrology, human design and business energetics with an intuitive and embodied approach.



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