Soul Constellation

Soul Constellation


Soul Constellation / 3 Page Human Design & Astrology Report

What makes you, you? In this 3 page written report we will explore the bones of your human design and natal astrology. You will learn how your energy is designed to engage with the world, your life themes and lessons, and how you can embody your highest flow state.

Please be sure to provide your correct birth date, time and location as your report is created specifically with these details.

All reports are bespoke and uniquely tailored to you, so please allow up to 10 business days (usually sooner!) to receive your order x


What customers are saying:

“Hello, beautiful soul! Thank you so so much for composing my Soul Constellation. You have helped me understand why I respond the way I do in a lot of situations. Your work has helped me understand how to trust my internal guidance in a much more calm, constructive way. Everything you said resonated. Thank you so much for opening my eyes further inward into my core and enable me to understand who I am on a deeper level. As a result I can continue my journey with a higher conviction and confidence within myself.”

Jen | Generator