Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon to create more of what you desire in your life. 

Aligning with the cycles of the Moon is one of the most important and impactful energetic practices that I have discovered in my life so far.


Working with the cycles of the moon has had a profound impact on my life, so much that it has just become second nature to me. I don’t even have to think about it any more, I am always in tune with her cycles. 


I started really working with the cycles of the moon in 2012. Over the last ten years I have experimented with different practices and different interpretations of her cycles. What is included in this masterclass is a summary of all I have learned from an astrological and manifestation point of view. 


This isn’t a manifestation course. This course is about more than that. By default, aligning with the cycles of the Moon will help you intentionally create more of what you desire. The purpose of this course about aligning your energy with the energy of la luna to create more harmony and coherence in your life.


This is a course that will teach you to harness the cycles of the moon and to consciously create your experience, in a way that is in integrity with your energy. 


In this 40-minute masterclass you will learn how to work with five key moon phases that I use in my life and business, practices to align your energy, and how to harness the energy of each new and full moon in alignment with your individual birth chart.

This is a pre-recorded masterclass, you will receive immediate access upon purchase. 


This masterclass goes for approximately 40 minutes and you will have lifetime access to the content. 


Investment: $77 AUD

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