When I discovered human design my whole world changed. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle I had been trying to solve my entire life. I was obsessed to say the least! I became so enamoured with this system that I quickly began digesting whatever information I could find until one day I felt confident enough to bring human design into my astrology consults. 


From there, I started weaving more and more Human Design into my astrology readings and I began to notice big shifts happening for my clients!  Clients would comment that it was like they were being seen for the first time in their lives. They would ask me if I was a psychic because they were so blown away with the information that could be perceived through their Human Design chart. And it blew.my.mind.


I began to notice shifts in my clients. I observed how understanding the mechanics of their energy field had a ripple effect on their entire life. How making shifts in the way that they were operating naturally impacted their relationships, health and work. 


I knew this system was magical because of the impact it had on my life, but seeing that impact ripple out amongst my community was next level. 


This is why I am so passionate about sharing this system with others. Human Design changed my life, but I have also witnessed it change the lives of hundreds of other people. 


Human Design is an archetypal system that can help you understand yourself and others like never before.

The Magic of Human Design...


Human Design is at its core a mystical tool that translates in a very refined, logical and grounded way. This is a big reason why I believe Human Design has become so popular, it is the perfect synthesis of spirit and science. 


I often refer to Human Design as the ‘gateway’ into metaphysics. It is my belief that we, humanity, received Human Design to help open up our awareness to our multidimensional nature. As we are in the process of navigating some massive global shifts, we need more people understanding the energetic and multidimensional nature of our world, which is exactly what Human Design is facilitating. 


Human Design is awakening us to the knowing that we are more than just our physical bodies. 


Human Design is a tool to help you understand the mechanics of your energy field. Energy is everything. Energy informs matter. Everything that we experience in our 3D physical reality is informed by energy. 


Understanding your personal energetics is one of the most empowering and liberating things a person can experience.


Human Design is a tool that touches everything in a person’s life. It’s not meant to be used exclusively for work, purpose or relationships. It is a roadmap to a person’s highest alignment which encompasses all areas of life. 


Human Design can help a person understand their purpose, their gifts and their challenges. It can help a person understand how to best use their energy and where to conserve their energy. It can help a person understand why they may feel certain things that they could never explain. It helps a person understand their sensitivities. And most importantly, Human Design can help a person understand how they can engage with with the world around them in the most harmonious and effective way. 


Human Design teaches us that we don't have to force or hustle, all we need to do is soften into the knowing of who we are and meet each day as ourselves. 



This program is designed to be a supportive educational container for you to integrate the wisdom of Human Design. With integration and synthesis in mind, the intention is for you to embody these teachings; to weave them into your life and business in your own unique way. 


In this program, you will learn the foundations of Human Design including a deep dive into the energy centres, energy types, the mechanics of definition, understanding authority and the not-self and an introduction into the profiles.  


This program is a great place to start for anyone ready to dip their toes into Human Design in a supportive group experience. 

This program is for you if:

  • You have been exploring Human Design for a while on your own and you are looking for deeper integration and synthesis.

  • You are a coach, mentor or healer who wants to harness Human Design to better support your clients. 

  • You want to become a human design reader in the future.

  • You are a business owner or HR Manager who wants to incorporate Human Design into your business strategies.

  • You are invested in using these teachings and integrating them into your business and life.

  • You are someone who approaches learning in an embodied way and understands that energy has to be felt and lived, not just consumed by the mind.

  • You are open to new and innovative ideas. 

  • You are already experimenting with your own Human Design. 


The Details:

This program commences on Monday 31st January 2022. You will receive access to Part 1 of the course and our online group portal on this date. We will then have our first live Q&A on Wednesday 23rd February at 9:00 am AEST (QLD). 

You will receive access to Part 2 of the course on Monday 28th February. We will then have our 2nd live Q&A and integration call on Thursday 24th March at 6:30 pm AEST (QLD). 

Q&A calls will be recorded, so there is no problem if you can't make it live. You will have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand if you can't make it live.

We will also have an online group portal where you can connect, ask questions and receive support throughout our 8-weeks together. 


What's included:

  • 8-week container blending self-paced learning with group support and interaction
  • 20 online modules covering the foundations of Human Design
  • 2 live Q&A and integration calls
  • Private online space to ask questions and receive support during our time together


Program Content:

Part 1 - delivered on 31st January
  1. Introduction and History of Human Design
  2. The Head/Crown
  3. The Ajna
  4. The Root
  5. The Sacral
  6. The Solar Plexus
  7. The Spleen
  8. The Ego/Heart
  9. The G Centre
  10. The Throat 
Part 2 - delivered on 28th February
  1. The Hierarchy of Authority
  2. Hierarchy of Not-Self Conditioning
  3. Mechanics of Definition
  4. Understanding Type by Definition
  5. Manifestors
  6. Generators
  7. Manifesting Generators
  8. Projectors
  9. Reflectors
  10. Introduction to Lines and Profiles


Please note, this program does not include anything additional than what is listed above. Amy is working on additional programs that will cover the hexagrams, zodiac, planets, channels, steams, circuitry, profiles and incarnation crosses. These are expected to be released throughout 2022.




 The investment for this program - and it truly will be an investment in your life, skills and business -  is $1,111 AUD upfront or 2 x monthly payments of $597 AUD. 


Please take your time to consider if this program and format (online modules with 2 live Q&A calls) is correct for you. You are a sovereign, powerful being. Trust yourself and your authority to show you if this is the correct pathway for you. 


We begin on Monday 31st January! 

If you are feeling excited and expanded about learning Human Design with Amy, you can sign up below! 

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