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A soulful and enriching business program for mystics, healers, creatives and leaders. 


Energy is the new currency of our times and the lifeblood of any business. To me, being enriched means to be prosperous in energy so that it flows unencumbered through your creations, marketing, and finances.


Success at the expense of our energy is the greatest failing of our capitalist society because if it doesn't feel enriching to your whole life experience, then what's the point?


Running a soulful and enriching business is a matter of coming into harmony and coherence with your energy and the energy of the cosmos. 


For the longest time, I worked, created, and lived according to the rhythms of the world- an unrelenting, unforgiving pace and way of working that left me exhausted and depleted.


But, when I started my business in 2018, I knew I had the opportunity to redefine and redo things. 10+ years of studying astrology, human design, and energetics had awakened me to a truth: It’s not just about the ‘what’ but also the ‘how.’


Creating a business is not just a means to a monetary end; it is a sacred art in itself. The Enriched Business Incubator was birthed to initiate you in the arts of designing and operating a soulful & energetically rich business.


A soulful & enriching business:

  • Is built on the foundation of your personal energetics
  • Is a co-creation that is energising and supportive  for the business and YOURSELF
  • Flourishes organically because of its attunement to the bigger energetics of the cosmos
  • Is centered around you doing your soul work- work that energizes your life and contributes to the collective
  • Serves a greater purpose than just your own personal significance
  • Energizes your whole being and experience, rather than draining the life out of you
  • Feels juicy, sacred, and expansive


When you design a soulful & enriching business, the world is invariably magnetized by your coherence and the fresh frequency you’re transmitting.


When you operate that business in alignment with the energies of the cosmos, you experience a harmony and peace that ultimately makes you feel safe and trusting. 


In the Incubator, we journey through the essentials and foundations of creating a soulfully harmonious business. You receive access to my entire business course library which includes practical and proven strategies for business energetics, money energetics, soul aligned sales, launch energetics, and practical astrology for business owners looking to plan their week, month, and year ahead in alignment with their unique energy signature.


What you find here, you won’t find elsewhere...


More often than not, business courses are interested in building and ‘optimizing’ within the established capitalist status quo. There are ‘10 steps to 10k month,’ subject lines that promise to get a subscriber to click, and positioning postures that cram your being into distasteful shapes. 


But, the landscape is rapidly changing. As a collective, we’re being called into our higher truth- a truth which is unique and unlike anyone else’s. This means our way of living, working, and operating our businesses will be one-of-a-kind and distinct from everyone else’s.


As such, there are no formulas or frameworks in the course. Instead, you will be guided to uncover your own blueprint for enriching success. You will not be learning how to emulate my approach since that’s based on my unique energetics. Instead, you’ll be coming into alignment with your energy and the energy of your business.


When you leave the Incubator, you’ll have settled into deep resonance with your and your business’ exclusive energetics.


The Details

The Incubator is a 6-month hybrid business program that includes an online course, live and interactive workshops, and private community space. 

We begin on Thursday 3rd June, however the cart may remain open until Thursday 10th June when we begin module one of the business course. 

Live calls will be approximately 90-minutes each and will always be held on Thursdays AEST between 9am and 9pm. 

After you complete the initial 6-month program, you will have the option to exit the container or remain in the container for a monthly fee.


The five core elements of the Incubator

  • Enriched Business Course (one module released each month for 6 months)
  • Live workshops with Amy (one each month) 
  • Pre-recorded guest teacher masterclasses (one each month)
  • A private Instagram page for additional teachings, connection with other participants, and fortnightly Q&As with Amy (get all your pressing questions answered!)
  • Access to Amy's astrological insights energy forecasting specifically applied to business


Primary themes covered


Enriched Business Course modules 

  1. Embodiment
  2. Energy and Intuition 
  3. Business Energetics
  4. Money Energetics
  5. Sales & Marketing Energetics
  6. Resources and Receivership


Live workshops, on topics such as:

  1. Embodiment practices for deeper connection with yourself
  2. Practical astrology techniques for planning out your week and month
  3. Practical astrology techniques for planning auspicious launch dates
  4. Financial astrology; timings and transits for investing
  5. Branding by design - how to sync your branding with your unique energy signature
  6. How to harness the cycles of the moon and consciously create more of what you desire


Guest Teacher Masterclasses, on topics such as:

  1. Running an intuitive, spirit led business
  2. Working with your menstrual cycle in your business
  3. Overcoming limiting beliefs
  4. Trusting your Intuition 
  5. The new feminized leadership


The Enriched Business Incubator is for you if…


  • You are about to start a business and want to do it in the most aligned way possible
  • You are a business owner who has worked by the rulebook and is now ready to discard it to embrace an unconventional, nourishing way
  • You want to unearth the greater purpose of your work and the impact you are naturally encoded to have through it
  • You want to market and sell yourself. Soulfully. With integrity
  • You understand the necessity of complementing the mystical with the practical and vice-versa
  • You want to feel excited, alive, and full of possibilities about the work you are doing in the world


Here’s what 3 years of running my own soulful, enriching business looks like:


Living in harmony with the cosmos and my unique rhythm. Honouring and harnessing the cycles I am experiencing on a personal level and those that we feel on a collective level.   


No longer forcing myself to show up when the energy isn't there. This means that when I am on, I am really on, and when I need rest, I really rest. 


Living a life that feels spacious and purposeful for me. I have space to create, dream and ponder possibilities. I have the freedom to create the programs and offers that my soul desires. I live each day with spaciousness and 'being' as my priority. 


Feeling so tapped in and aligned with my purpose and greater contribution which feels fucking ahhmazing. 


Growing my Instagram audience and community organically to over 25k people, by ignoring traditional marketing advice and instead marketing myself in complete alignment with my design and purpose. 


Creating products and offerings with ease and trust. I no longer create out of urgency or necessity. Everything I create is soul-led and contributes to my greater contribution to the collective, which naturally attracts the right soul clients. I always create with intention and integrity. I follow the energy and am committed to supporting myself in the process. 


Selling and launching those products with ease, grace and integrity. Completely honouring my receptive, unstructured design in the process. No urgency, icky sales tactics or scarcity models. Complete trust that what I create in inner and outer coherence will find the right people. 


As for money, I’ve never been nourished with such ease and abundance. 


This is my version of (Projector) success that feels lush in my cells. Your version would look different. Are you ready to discover it?


It's time to let go of hustle and embrace coherence. 



Enriched brought true alignment to my unique business and personal energetics like I've never experienced. The true meaning of Energy Rich! The support from Amy is like having a gentle goddess sister guiding you. Not one bit of hierarchy just pure love, incredible wisdom and support. Endless gratitude for Amy and Enriched! ~ Tahnee Milla


Thank You, Amy! <3 For Your calm and always aligned energy (I always felt a peace when listened to You). Because of this container I stoped questioning my intuitive abilities. I definitely connected with my own power and it helped me (gave me tools) to be in connection with my Soul daily. And I also builded my trust muscle there. One of most powerful takeaways from ENRICHED was around - showing that business is a separate entity, that it has it own energy. Those practical tools you showed us (how to operate with energies) is priceless! Best investment I could give for myself <3 ~ Lelde Graumane

Your investment


$555 AUD per month x 6 months ($3330 AUD in total)

(all prices are in Australian dollars)


After the completion of the course and your initial payment plan, you will be given the option to remain in the program container as a member for  $111 AUD per month thereafter, paid per month in advance with the option to cancel at any time. This will enable your continued access to all the course content, live calls, guest masterclasses, and private Instagram. You’ll also be able to savour and relish in any new courses, workshops, and content that is added whilst you are an active member. Alternatively, you are able to exit the program completely after your 6-month commitment is met.


When you choose to exit the program, you will have the option to download the course content from Enriched Business Course only. Only active members will retain access to all workshops, guest masterclasses and the private Instagram. 


As this is the first round of the Incubator, it is expected that the pricing of future rounds will increase. 


Please purchase with consideration. I invite you to honour your strategy and authority in this process. Take the time that you need, there is no urgency. There will likely be other rounds in the future. It is my intention that every person who enters this program and community do so from a place of sovereignty and deep self understanding.


The current round of Enriched is closed, you can apply below to join us in the next round beginning late 2021. 

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