Words on Purpose

Oct 08, 2021

Your purpose is less about what you do in the world, and more about who you be. Your purpose isn’t something you need to do. Your purpose is felt through your beingness. Your purpose isn’t something you need to make happen, force or control. 


You can’t miss your purpose. It’s there within you, a seedling waiting for you to water it with your consciousness and contemplation. You expect your purpose to come to you so boldly, like a lightning strike of clarity that you can’t possibly miss. But your purpose is something that awakens within you, moment by moment. 


Your purpose blossoms from within, as you become more and more yourself. It emerges subtly and slowly over time as you gradually awaken to the truth of who you are. Your purpose isn’t something you need to go out into the world to find. Your purpose emerges from within you, as you. Your purpose isn’t going to become apparent in one big moment or life event. It’s who you are in the small day-to-day moments. 


Your purpose is who are you when you brush your teeth, when you chat with your elderly neighbour, when you’re walking to work, when you’re riding the bus, and when you’re on your own. Your purpose is who you are through the mundane. Life is mundane. Your life is your purpose. 


You overcomplicate purpose because you’ve been conditioned to believe it’s something you have to find. You’re born into a world that tells you you’re innately missing something; you’re incomplete until you prove yourself and your worth. You’re nothing until you achieve. Your purpose isn’t some shiny reward you receive at the end of a competition or journey. You won’t receive recognition of your purpose for being a good student, for working harder than other people or pushing yourself to the extremes. 


No one will hand you a gold star at the end of your life for achieving your purpose. Your purpose is already there, within you. You’re searching for your purpose outside of yourself when it’s been within you the entire time. Your purpose is your gifts and your wounding, your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s who you are alone and who you are in partnership, friendship and relationship. It’s who you are to yourself. It’s who you are to the earth, to animals, to plants and to the oceans. It’s who you are to strangers. 


Your purpose is all of you. You meet your purpose as you stretch into your edges of who you are, as you move beyond what’s comfortable, as you learn lessons and grow. Your purpose takes a lifetime to unfold within you, it’s not something you can rush or control. You can’t logic yourself into your purpose. 


Your purpose isn’t just about you. Your ‘role’, your beingness is part of a larger collective purpose of beingness. You’re just one piece of the puzzle. All you have to do is be yourself, moment to moment. Allow yourself to fill out the edges of who you are and watch as recognition of your purpose and why you’re here emerges. Your purpose is a journey, not a destination.

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