Virgo Season

Aug 22, 2021

 Today the Sun enters the skies of Virgo, the healer and earth witch of the zodiac, joining Mars and Mercury. Virgo is a mutable earth sign who traditionally rules the 6th house of service, health and wellbeing. 


Virgo is one of the most widely misunderstood signs in my opinion. Virgo is known for her ability to be precise, analytical and critical. However, on a deeper level, she represents the integration of logic and intuition. Virgo is the healer, doula and witch.  She represents the earth, fertility and the feminine. 


The Sun in Virgo draws our attention to healing, of ourselves, others and the earth. It's a great time to finesse, polish or refine any projects you have been working on. Last month was about expression, creativity and aligning with your heart's desires. This month is the time to resolve patterns and heal, as well as reviewing, perfecting and birthing whatever has been stirring within you. 


During this time, the Sun will move through the gates of Virgo - 59, 40, 64, 47, 6 and 46. We can expect there to be more energy for birthing creations, community work and abstract thinking. Particularly this week, there is an invitation to surrender to the mystery and any confusion you may be experiencing. Pushing through, trying to logically force clarity is not the answer. The invitation is to surrender to the unknown and to your process and allow clarity and insights to land in their own time. 


Venus supports this process of refinement as she is moving through the gates of Libra - 18, 48, 57, 32 and 50, supporting our intuitive process and awareness of what is working and has value vs what is no longer correct or valuable. 


As the Sun moves through the gates of Virgo, the Earth will be moving through the gates of Pisces - 55, 37, 63, 22, 36 and 25 respectively - highlighting the need to put our emotional wellbeing first this month. Where the Sun invites us to rise, the Earth invites us to ground and make sure our foundations are solid. 


It’s also helpful to note that a lot of people are likely to become defined in their solar plexus, crown and ajna throughout the month Which means there could be a lot of people feeling big, unfamiliar feelings and feeling overwhelmed with mental pressure.

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