Virgo New Moon

Sep 05, 2021

 The New Moon phase marks the beginning of a new energetic cycle. Through the lunar cycles, we are constantly moving through energetic cycles of dark to light, light to dark. As the moon waxes and wanes, we move through a process of gaining light, integrating the light, then releasing and completing the cycle before the process begins once more. 


The New Moon phase is the beginning of a fresh month and 12-month cycle. It is the time that we plant the energetic seeds of what we are creating. It’s the time where a new cycle and fresh start is activated. It is a time for manifestation and conscious creation. On the New Moon, the Sun and Moon come into alignment and from our perspective on Earth, the moon is dark. On this New Moon, the Sun and Moon will meet in Virgo, gate 64.


Virgo is a mutable + earth sign who traditionally rules the 6th house of health, wellbeing and service. She is the earthly and logical healer of the zodiac who represents the integration of logic and intuition. Virgo is the original earth witch, naturopath and doula. She is represented by the symbology of the Virgin, meaning a woman unto herself. This New Moon may act as an initiation into a new cycle of healing and integration. 


Gate 64 is the gate of confusion, I like to think of this gate as the process of being in the mystery. Gate 64 can see all of the moving pieces in a non-linear way, but the process of how they will come together isn’t clear. It is only through the process of surrender that the confusion dissipates. To me, it feels like this New Moon is inviting us to surrender to the unknown and the mystery; to let go of our minds desire for certainty. 


This New Moon is inviting us to be with the confusion and recognise what an integral part of our process this is. This energy is also reflected by the South Node in Sagittarius, where we are learning to let go of our desire for certainty and fixed, singular truth. 


This New Moon is looking to Chiron and Mercury, both rulers of Virgo. Chiron, who is currently retrograde in Aries and gate 21, the gate of control, is activating a new cycle of how we work with, manage and control resources and our experience with the justified and reasonable use of power and control. As Chiron is retrograde this indicates that this New Moon is ushering in a new cycle of healing and repair. This indicates that the next 12-months are likely to see healing and shifts with how we work with community resources and systems of power and control. 


Mercury in Libra in gate 48 is activating a new cycle of understanding the corrections that need to occur in our world. This is logical energy that is collectively focussed and fueled by the energy to judge, correct, perfect what isn’t working. There is the energy here to see, perceive and understand what isn’t working, but the missing piece is communication. Anyone with gate 16 activated has the ability to really harness this transit and act as the conduit or loudspeaker for this new cycle of correction. If you do have gate 16 in your chart this New Moon is likely to feel incredibly activating for you. 


The New Moon is making a harmonious aspect to Uranus retrograde in Taurus, gate 2, adding a spark of inventiveness and the potential for an unexpected change in direction. This aspect offers the potential to see things in a different light and orient ourselves towards a new path. Uranus, the sacred rebel of the zodiac, is currently retrograde inviting us to turn over a new leaf in regards to our independence, individuality and uniqueness. 


You can support yourself over this lunation by taking time to rest and replenish. The hours leading up to the New Moon are a period of release and letting go, so it is helpful to surrender to this process and allow the energy to move through you. You can also support yourself by doing something to nurture your throat centre, such as breathwork, singing or toning. There is likely to be a level of mental pressure for most people with this New Moon, movement and embodiment will help. Try to anchor your energy and awareness back into your physical body.

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