Venus in Scorpio

Sep 10, 2021

 Venus, our planet of love, beauty, art, culture, values and money has just moved into the sign of Scorpio, where she will be for the next 27-days. Venus is often referred to in astronomy as Earth’s twin as she is the planet with the most similarities to Gaia. Known as Aphrodite in mythology, Venusian energy is soft, loving and innately feminine. Aphrodite was celebrated as the goddess of fertility, prosperity and victory. 


Scorpio, the traditional ruler of the 8th house, is the sign of intimacy, power,  transformation, intensity, depth, death and rebirth. Scorpio embodies the deep, dark depths of what it means to be a human. Scorpio takes us down, to the bottom of the emotional ocean. Scorpio is the investigator, witch, medium and trantrica of the zodiac. Scorpio, ruling the 8th house and traditionally ruled by Mars, is fueled by the heat of intensity. There is a fire in Scorpio that comes from within, bubbling up to the surface from the darkness. 


With Venus in Scorpio, we can expect to feel an intensity and urgency about our passions and desires. Scorpio flavours the energy of Venus with   It’s likely that our relationships with love, intimacy and money will undergo a transformation in this time.  This transit is an opportunity to surrender to the intensity and transformation that wants to happen and allow ourselves to experience the process of death and rebirth. Don’t fear the fire. It’s through intensity and pressure that transformation occurs. 


Venus in Scorpio is highly intense, intimate, passionate and driven. This isn’t overly logical, fluffy or superficial energy. Venus in Scorpio wants to be embodied and felt, in a raw and primal way. Venus in Scorpio wants to go deep, traversing the gritty + messy reality of being human. 


During this time, Venus will move through the gates within Scorpio which are gates 50, 28, 44, 1, 43, 14. Venus begins with more activations of the Spleen centre, which means that more and more people will be defined here throughout the month. This is a really good opportunity to connect more with your intuition and inner guidance. There will also be an emphasis on valuing individuality and following your own path. This transit will support a transformation of values that pertain to our communities and individuals. 


If you have any of these gates activated in your birth chart, you may find that the way you work with this energy shifts slightly as Venus activates these gates, merging her energy with whichever planet you have there. If you have gates 27, 38, 26, 8, 23 or 2 in your chart you will experience several days of a new channel activation in your chart. With Uranus currently in gate 2, we will all get to experience the Channel of the Beat activated between 3rd and 7th October - which I am personally looking forward to. 


If you have Venus in Scorpio in your birth chart you will experience your Venus return this month, which is a highly auspicious time for blessings,  love, romance and intimacy.

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