Scorpio Season

Oct 22, 2021

23rd October to 22 November 2021


In the coming days the Sun will move into the sign of Scorpio, marking the beginning of Scorpio season and our descent into the depths within. 


Scorpio is the sign of depth, intensity, investigation and transformation. Ruled by Pluto/Hades, the God of the Underworld, Scorpio traditionally rules the 8th house of shared resources, intimacy and the occult. The 8th house is where we transform through the process of death and birth and it is one of the places where we connect with the unseen. 


One reference that I love from ancient mythology is that Pluto/Hades rules the underworld and wealth. These two things might seem unrelated, but I will explain! His brother Zeus took rulership of everything on the surface of the earth and Mount Olympus, whilst the other brother, Neptune, took rulership of the oceans and everything within the ocean. The reasoning behind the underworld + wealth connection is that he rules everything below the surface of the earth, and diamonds and precious metals are mined from within the Earth. 


This is a beautiful representation of what we find in Scorpio - the wealth below our surface. The diamonds within that have transformed under pressure. Scorpio reminds us that true wealth is an inside job and the process of mining our inner diamonds can be dark and intense, but that’s all a part of the process. In order to mine the diamonds we have to go deep and get dirty. 


During this transit the Sun will move through gates 50, 28, 44, 1, 43 and 14 consecutively. Through these gates we will experience the Sun in primarily individual empowering circuitry with a splash of community thrown in. We can expect to experience themes of community protection and preservation, values that serve the community, instinctive memories of the past, the search for individual purpose and meaning, creative expression and direction, resources and money, and individual knowing and breakthroughs. 


You can work with the energy of Scorpio season by going within, practising contemplation, investigating who you are at the core, remembering that true wealth comes from within you and surrendering to the transformation that is coming within.



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