New Moon in Libra

Oct 05, 2021

 Wednesday 6th October @ 9:05 pm AEST, 12:05 pm BST and 4:05 am PDT


The new moon always marks the beginning of a new energetic monthly and yearly cycle. The new moon is the phase where we plant the energetic seeds of what we wish to create over the next month and year. The new moon is a turning point, where we complete one cycle and begin anew. 


This New Moon is occurring in the sign of Libra, the diplomat, lover and art curator of the zodiac, highlighting themes of value, love, relationships, harmony and equality. The new Moon is occurring in gate 48.5, the gate of Depth; the well. Gate 48 is part of the channel of talent, reaching to the Throat centre. This gate is about the talent and depth that can contribute to progression and improvement that will benefit the collective. 


Gate 48 is described as the darkest place in the chart. It’s mysterious. It’s the well after all, where we draw water from the earth, from below. Where we seek to retrieve from the unseen. This channel seeks to share depth and expertise and bring talents into form. We need to go into the well to withdraw what is needed. We need to go within to see exactly what we have that can help improve and correct the collective patterns that need correcting. 


The New Moon is looking to Venus who is currently in Scorpio in gate 14.5, the gate of power skills, highlighting our relationship with and the value we place on generating energy (resources, power and money) and our understanding of energy as currency. The 14th Gene Key moves from the shadow of compromise to the highest expression of bounteousness via the pathway of competence.


The shadow of 14 is not compromise in the way we know it to be, it’s about an internal compromise. It’s a compromise of one’s integrity, soul and higher self; a compromise of our inner fire. This shadow can have qualities of poverty consciousness. There is a physical heaviness felt through the shadow of this Gene Key. Through contemplation,  we are reminded that true prosperity comes from our genius and creative uniqueness. 


We move from the shadow to the highest expression by taking action and fanning the flame of our inner, creative fire. We move from this shadow to the highest expression by remembering that it isn’t what we do, but how we do it that matters and that our true wealth comes from our inner landscape and the full expression of our being. 


This is a significant new moon for focussing on your relationship to your energy, money and resources. It’s an auspicious time to set intentions about your experience with creating resources through your commitment to your inner truth, creative fire and highest self. This is a significant new moon for focussing on your experience in relationships. You can harness the new moon to energise what you wish to create in your relationships with others and yourself over the next 12-months. It’s an auspicious new moon to bring intention to where you wish to see more justice and equality in the world and where you desire more harmony and balance, particularly on a collective level. 


This new moon offers an opportunity to begin a new cycle of healing and nurturing, of ourselves and others; a fresh start. This new moon marks new cycle and fresh beginning of improvement, correction, balance, harmony and justice. A new beginning to take our knowledge and awareness of the patterns that are ready to be improved, by drawing upon the depths within that will benefit the collective. 


My desire is that this new moon marks the beginning of a fresh cycle of looking within and drawing on the depth that we all have within us to provide solutions that will benefit the collective. May we harness the tension and frustration we feel as a collective to actively transmute the patterns that are no longer working for us. May we all remember that our energy is the most valuable currency we have. May we all remember that in order to really serve in the way we are meant to, we must honour our integrity, highest self and inner truth rather than compromise it. 


As always, you are a conscious creator. You can work with this energy by spending some time over the new moon tuning into your desires. The energy of the new moon isn’t about doing, it’s about being. What is more important than anything you physically do right now, is the energy that you embody over the new moon. Your body is a vehicle for creation and manifestation. What supports your process is embodying your desires and feeling them in your body as if they already are your reality.

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