Mercury Retrograde

Sep 26, 2021

 Retrograde period: 27th September to 19th October 

Shadow period: 19th October to 3rd November


Today Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, stations retrograde in the sign of Libra. When a planet is retrograde it means that from our perspective on Earth, the planet appears to be moving backwards, retracing its movement through the skies. The planet is of course not actually moving backwards, but from our geocentric perspective and in relation to the light that we receive here on Earth, it does move back into the path of the gates and neutrino stream that it previously activated. 

Mercury retrograde is not to be feared, it’s become a ‘click-bait’ term in the industry where the elements of what can go wrong have been overly communicated. All planets experience periods of retrograde and they are just as valuable to our experience as when the planets are direct. Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to review and reflect and it can be a great time to study. Generally, Mercury retrograde will be bringing up a lesson, offering you an opportunity to re-do. It’s happening for you, not to you. 

Libra is the sign of romance, love, beauty, culture, justice, balance and equality. What this means is that it is likely something will come up for you relating to these themes. This could be old partners coming back into your life, or situations to do with justice and equality. There could be opportunities to create more balance, harmony and beauty in your life by seeing where you could choose differently. 


This Mercury retrograde in Libra is a great time to focus on your inner beauty, self-love, contemplating what is beautiful to you, where you desire more harmony in your life,  and the kind of love you desire to receive. 


Mercury’s retrograde cycle will begin in gate 32.6 and he will transit backwards through gate 57, completing his retrograde in gate 48.1; all gates of the Spleen centre. With Mars and the Sun also in Libra, activating the Spleen we can expect more people to become defined here throughout the month.

Mercury Retrograde in gate 36 

27th September to 6th October


You can work with this energy by: 


Inviting illumination of what in your life is ready to be transformed; what can be transformed and what should not be transformed. Inviting insights about what didn’t work in the past that you may have missed and where you can embrace change that is conservative (honouring what has worked in the past) yet transformative. Asking to see what is truly valuable to your experience. Asking to see where a fear of failure may have been holding you back. Inviting illumination of past failures that have previously been overlooked yet we could now learn from. Inviting illumination of the change that will serve the highest good of your community. 


Mercury Retrograde in gate 57 

6th October to 11th October


You can work with this energy by: 


Asking to hear what you may have missed and what will most serve you right now. Inviting illumination of anything you need to know in order to move forward. Asking to hear what you may be missing in your environment. Asking to see where you have been practising selective hearing. Inviting illumination of any information you may have missed or ignored. Asking for illumination of anything that is detrimental to your survival, health and wellbeing. 

Mercury Retrograde in gate 48

11th October to 19th October


You can work with this energy by: 


Inviting illumination of any answers or insights lay dormant in your memory that could be applied to your current situation. Asking to see the workable solutions that are already in your consciousness. Tapping into your inner depth and darkness for illumination. Asking how you can transmute the frustration you are feeling into your fuel and driving force? Inviting illumination of where your depth could be helpful to the collective? Focussing on workable solutions that may have been missed or ignored previously. 


Between now and the 19th of October while Mercury is retrograde, we have an opportunity to reflect, go within and see what we have missed previously. Then, from 19th October until 3rd November, we have an opportunity to take action. To take the insights and what we learn before 19th October and use them to make a change, re-do and complete. 


Mercury retrograde is known to cause havoc with tech and travel plans, so take extra care with these things. Allow time for delays, take time with communication, make sure you have your important files backed up and use this as an opportunity to practice patience.

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