Mercury in Libra

Aug 31, 2021

 Yesterday, Mercury the messenger of the gods, moved into the sign of Libra where he will stay until 5th November! This is a long stint in one sign for Mercury as he stations retrograde on 26th September at 25 degrees of Libra then during his retrograde will move backwards to 10 degrees. 


Mercury, also known as Hermes in mythology was the messenger of the gods. He was known to be a sly and mischievous trickster. He was the only god who readily moved between the realms of heaven, earth and the underworld. One of his most important roles was transporting the souls of the departed to Hades. He was known for his speed and agility in mythology and in astrology as he zips around the Sun in quick 88-day solar return. 


In astrology, Mercury represents our mind, intellect, logic, thoughts and communication style. He represents how we make sense of the world and then communicate what we perceive. 


Libra, represented as the scales in astrology, represents divine order, balance, justice, equality, harmony, beauty and love. She rules culture, the arts and aesthetics. She is the mediator and peacekeeper of the zodiac. 


Mercury in Libra feels like a soothing balm to our collective thoughts and forms of communication. Our attention is likely to shift to using our voice for justice and fairness that is also balanced and harmonious. It’s a good transit to focus on artistic and sensual forms of communication and expression. Indulge your inner artist!


During this transit, Mercury will move through gates 46, 18, 48, 57, 32 and 50 - all of these gates except for gate 46 reside in the spleen centre and represent different forms of instincts and intuitive knowing.  This indicates that there will be an emphasis over the next few months on our survival instincts and intuition. It is likely that more people will become defined in their spleen centre, and more people will have temporary access to different forms of intuition. 


With Mercury being the planet of thought and communication activating these intuitive gates, it may be possible (prior to Mercury stationing retrograde) that many people experience moments of clarity about their survival, and the ability to logically comprehend what their intuition is informing them of. It may also make the process of communicating our intuitive insights easier. 


Keep in mind that Venus has been recently activating these very gates, so the insights may not be new but with Mercury now moving through it feels like there is added support to understand and communicate what the spleen is sensing. 


The Spleen centre is also one of the primary places that fear resides. This is good to keep in mind as Mercury activating these gates may activate more fearful thought patterns. Remember, you are not your fears. This is a great opportunity to come back to your tools for grounding and presence.

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