Full Moon in Pisces

Sep 19, 2021

 Tuesday 21st Septemberr 2021 @ 9:55 am AEST 


The full moon, as always, is a time of reflection, realignment and release. We experience the full moon when the moon moves into direct opposition with the Sun. From our perspective on Earth, the moon appears to be fully illuminated by the light of the Sun. We can think of light as energy and information, so the full moon marks a turning point, where we experience peak illumination and information before the Moon begins her descent back into darkness. 

We can expect the full moon to illuminate something that was hidden, something that we weren’t aware of. The full moon draws what we need to see into the light in order for us to move forward in alignment. The full moon is also a time to start thinking about the process of letting go, as the moon transitions from her waxing (gaining light) phase to her waning (releasing light) phase, we are preparing to start letting go of what no longer serves. 


This full moon, occurring in Pisces, the sign of the two fish swimming in opposite directions, marks the ending of a cycle. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, marking a death and completion phase; the moment before re-birth. Pisces is a mutable water sign, who is deeply connected, emotionally attuned, creative, artistic, changeable and wise. Pisces is the sign that represents transcendence, oneness, spirituality and Christ consciousness. 


This full moon occurs in gate 36.6, highlighting a cycle of emotional crisis and embodied wisdom. Gate 36 is referred to as the darkening of the light, it holds the potential to release emotional energy as we move through a cycle of experience and crisis. Gate 36 helps us to learn through our experiences, to accept crisis as part of the experience, and turn the grit into gold. Gate 36 teaches us that decline, decay and death are a natural and temporary part of evolution. 


6th line gates always represent a transition, an in-between moment, straddling the line between worlds and energy. Gate 36.6 is the transition from emotional experience and crisis to innocence, universal love and motiveless action. Gate 36.6 carries the keynote of justice, an inevitable survival of what is right.  This line is looking beyond the current experience and beyond expectations of the experience to what is next and what this cycle of change will lead to. 

We have some auspicious transits supporting this full moon. Mercury and Jupiter are working in harmony today, bringing an expansive and generous quality to our thoughts and communication. Mars is making harmonious aspects to the North and South Nodes, activating us, initiating us and providing the gumption for us to move deeper into alignment with our purpose. Chiron and Ceres are working together, offering an opportunity to heal old wounds through the healing, compassion and nurturing that we provide others. 


This Full Moon, as always, marks the halfway point of a monthly and 12-monthly cycle. This full moon is an opportunity to reflect on the past 6-months, then pivot and realign your energy based on the new information you have collected and integrated. Think back to the New Moon in Pisces on 12th March. What desires were you calling in? What goals did you have? What has changed? What have you learned? How do you want to move forward over the next 6-months? What cycle are you ready to complete and transcend?


This full moon invites us to lean into the emotional experience and crisis that we are in, to think about what is beyond this current cycle, and to accept the process of decline that we are in as an important part of the process. This full moon is helping us to let go of what is no longer in alignment with the innocence and universal love that we are reaching for. With this full moon, we are transitioning, from one phase to the next. We have all of the information that we need, this full moon marks a point of realignment and release. 


You can work with the energy of this full moon by inviting illumination, embracing the process of death and re-birth, surrendering the current experience and intentionally expanding your view to what is next. This full moon is an opportunity to transcend the current crisis, and to welcome the completion and resolution of the cycle you have been navigating since March 2021.

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