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Oct 20, 2021

I didn’t think it was possible but I have felt another shift in my energy recently where I am leaning deeper and deeper into just being. 

When I first started working completely for myself, 18-months ago, I had a level of fear around rest and time off. Even knowing all the things I knew about my design, it took me several months and a tonne of nervous system care to really unwind that fear and feel good/safe to rest in the way I needed to. I was also recovering from a lifetime of Sacral conditioning and pressure to work work work. 


Then it kind of plateaued. For 12 months or so I was looking after myself, nourishing my body and energy, and felt pretty good. Until recently. 


Over the last 6-weeks or so I have felt a shift, energetically and financially. I’ve felt the call to do even less than I was and enjoy more time just being.  I’ve also experienced the biggest $$$ months in my business to date. This is not a coincidence. 


I am desiring more space than ever, whilst also feeling my work attracting more soul clients than ever. The more I honour my energy and my work as potent, powerful and precise, the more I attract aligned souls to work with. 


Yesterday  I took two naps. One at 10 am and another at 2 pm. I worked for about 2.5 hours then spent the rest of the day journaling, dreaming, reading and sleeping (lol). Today I worked for 3 hours or so, then spent several hours outside in my garden. Listening to the birds and watching the butterflies. I have a group call tonight and then a full (8 am - 8 pm) day of calls tomorrow. Then a quiet Thursday and Friday to catch up on content and writing.  This is an ideal week for me. 


A year ago I would have created a story about this that I was unmotivated and lazy, I would have thought that something was off in my energy and that I needed to reconnect with the truth of my work. Now, I feel much more comfortable having days like this. Sometimes, there isn't a story, I just need rest and space. 


I am also a quad-right in my human design with my Sun in gate 15, the gate of extreme rhythms. I feel healthiest when most of my week is unscheduled. I love my client work and enjoy a day or two of scheduled calls. Then the rest of the week can be on my schedule. This is the magic of being a receptive being, I get more done and I feel better when I wake up with no set schedule and have the flexibility to just flow with my energy. 


I found myself recently trying to explain this to people. I have more space than ever but my days feel full. I realised the other day that this is because my priorities have shifted. My time to ‘just be’ has become my number one priority. I’ve said no to income and work in the name of preserving this time and space. 


So whilst my days feel full, they are now full in the most delicious way. Full of presence, reflection, contemplation and nature. 


A lot of this shift I have felt has come through the contemplation of my Gene Keys Genius sequence. I have had the most profound experience contemplating this over the last 2-years. I have felt changes in my physical body and an anchoring deeper into myself. A greater presence and inner power. A deeper connection to my truth. 


My Evolution Sphere is the 10th Gene Key, which moves from the shadow of Self-obsession to the Siddhi of Being through the pathway of Naturalness. Hence, the desire to just be. Being is my highest expression. My naturalness and beingness contributes to my magnetism. However, this is also the shadow that I come up against again and again. When I am in the shadow of self-obsession I overwork and forget how to just be. I become consumed in my own process. 


It’s my intention to share more behind the scenes of my business and how I live and work in alignment with my design with you all, which is why I am sharing this.



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