Aries Full Moon

Oct 19, 2021

Wednesday 20th October @ 7:57 am PDT, 3:57 pm BST and Thursday 21st at 12:57 am AEST


We are approaching the full moon which will be exact at 27 degrees of Aries. The moon is full when she comes into opposition to the sun. This is the phase of the lunar cycle where we experience peak illumination of light. This is significant as light equals energy and information. At this time and from our perspective on earth, the moon is reflecting the most amount of light and energy that she will for the month. 

The full moon is the halfway mark and tipping point of a monthly and 12-month cycle. The full moon illuminates and provides the insights and information that we most need to complete the second half of the cycle. The full moon is a time to realign, pivot and begin the process of releasing what no longer serves. 

This full moon is occurring in the sign of Aries, the passionate warrior of the zodiac and in gate 3, the gate of ordering. Whilst the Sun sits directly opposite the moon in gate 50 the gate of values, in the sign of Libra. The full moon is looking to Mars in Libra in gate 32 , the gate of continuity. This full moon is incredibly charged with a challenging T-square to Pluto in gate 61. The energy is intense and disruptive. We are being initiated through the fire of transformation.

Gate 3 is the gate of ordering and carries the energy to overcome difficulty in the beginning of a process. Gate 3 wants to mutate, innovate and bring something new into the world but there is a necessary confusion, difficulty and chaos that must be transcended before mutation/evolution can take place. There is potential for significant change with time. There is the ability to establish order to facilitate the creation of something new and truly valuable in the world. Through the chaos comes clarity. 

Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac and traditionally rules the first house of self, identity and physicality. Aries is where we learn about ourselves; who we are at the core. The energy is naturally self-focussed. Aries teaches us that being self-focused and even a little selfish is healthy and necessary. It’s an important part of the human experience. This full moon is illuminating your experience of self. It’s an opportunity to invite the insights, clarity and truth that you are ready for. 

This full moon is an opportunity to see the identity that you have outgrown, the version of yourself that you are ready to transcend. It’s an opportunity to see anything that isn’t in alignment with your greatest passions and desires. It’s an opportunity to invite illumination of anywhere you are not in complete reverence and awe of yourself. It’s an opportunity to be shown anywhere that you are not showing up in the wildest, most authentic truth of who you are. 

This full moon is an opportunity to receive insights and understanding about the confusion or chaos you have experienced in the last 6-months. It’s an opportunity to see what is at the core of the confusion and chaos. It’s an opportunity to align with your most innovative and revolutionary path forward. It’s an opportunity to invite insights about the dreams within you that are valuable and worth transforming and revolutionising and those that aren’t.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on how balanced you are in your relationship with yourself, in partnership and in community. 

You can work with this full moon by thinking back to the new moon in Aries in April this year. Think about who you were back then, what you desired, what you wanted to create and what your goals were. How have you changed since then? What new information have you received? Do you still want the same things? Are you still the same person? How have your goals changed? What are you ready to release in order to move forward in greater alignment? 

Keep in mind that there is nothing you have to do with the full moon, simply practising presence and contemplation is enough. Let go xx

Full Moon Intentions 


May this full moon illuminate the confusion and chaos that I am experiencing so that I may begin to transcend it and create order. 

May this full moon illuminate the dreams within me that are valuable and worth transforming, and those that are not. 

May this full moon illuminate a light on anywhere I am not showing up as the wildest, most authentic truth of who I am. 

May this full moon illuminate the identity I have outgrown, the sense of self that no longer serves me, so that I can show up with authenticity and courage. 

May this full moon illuminate any way that I am not in deep reverence and awe of myself. 

May this full moon illuminate the ways that I diminish my desires in the name of being selfless. 

May this full moon help me remember that focussing on myself and my experience is important, needed and healthy. 




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