Are you ready to become fluent in the language of the cosmos?

Astrology is a profound and mystical tool. It is a beautiful language and intuitive art, and when you learn to speak and interpret it, you are learning how to harness the power of the whole solar system. 

Astrology is so much more that just your horoscope or star sign. Astrology is an intricate and nuanced mystical science, it requires synthesis and intuition to read a chart fluently. It is information rich, detailed, and incredibly insightful for many areas of life. From health, to career, to purpose, to love - Astrology can guide you. 


Astrology is based on the old premise “as above, so below, as within, so without” and the law of correspondence, which speaks to the idea that our reality is always a mirror. Our inner experience is a mirror of the outer circumstances of which we were imprinted with at birth. The stars and planets are an external representation of energy we hold within us. 


For thousands of years, we as humans have looked to the stars for guidance and understanding of ourselves, others and our collective experience. We knew how powerful this information could be. Astrology was revered and honoured up until very recently as we shifted into the scientific age and we forgot the magic of the unseen and the magic of our own inner knowing. 


I believe we are in a great time of remembering as more and more people awaken to the gifts and power of the cosmos. 


The knowledge of astrology is innate in many of us. I believe that those called to astrology have had many incarnations using this modality. This course isn’t about learning astrology, this course will facilitate your remembering. 


The knowledge and codes of astrology are already within your biology, you hold this knowledge at a cellular level. You don’t need to learn astrology, you need to remember it. 

Who this course is for:

 This course is for those who want to more intimately understand themselves, their loved ones and their families. 


This course is for coaches who wish to more intimately understand their clients in order to provide more individualized support. 


This course is for those who wish to become astrologers in the future - it is a great place to start. 


This course is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to start using the power of the cosmos strategically. 


This course is designed for those who are completely new to astrology. You don’t need any prior astrology knowledge beforehand. What you do need is a thirst for knowledge and a desire to awaken your intuition. 


I will guide you gently through the foundations of astrology, so that by the end of our 12-weeks together you will be able to give a basic chart reading and understand the core energetics of yourself, your loved ones or your clients. 


If you are a seeker, believer and are ready to become empowered in the knowledge of astrology - this course is for you! 

The Details:

This course is presented through 10 modules delivered completely online. You will receive access to a new module every week. 


This course is planned this way to keep you accountable and up to date with the course content each week, and also allow enough time for you to process and integrate each weekly module. 



Module 1: Introduction to Astrology, The Different Types of Astrology and House Systems, Anatomy of the Zodiac Wheel 

Module 2: The Houses

Module 3: The Zodiac

Module 4: The Big 3 - Sun, Moon & Ascendant

Module 5: Introduction to the Planets 

Module 6: Essential Dignities

Module 7: The Angles

Module 8: The Lunar Nodes

Module 9: Moon Phases

Module 10: Sect 


*Please note that some modules will be more content rich than others, particularly Modules 2, 3 and 5.  Each week you will need between 30 and 90 minutes to watch the course content + any additional practice time. 


You receive lifetime access to the course content. 


The course is hosted on Kajabi which allows you to access the content easily from an app on your phone or from your computer. 


"Amy's Astrology Level One course could be the only astrology course I could start my learning journey with. I absolutely trust the integrity of Amy's work and the accuracy of the knowledge she shares. She explains each concept with enough detail that you gain a solid understanding while not being overwhelmed. There are also historical tidbits plus examples where Amy walks you through multiple charts to showcase how we can read the information she theoretically explained. The best thing, however, is that Amy does not regurgitate knowledge even though she has extensively studied it from different teachers. Her interpretation of the zodiac signs for example and the importance of various astrological items is shared through her own lens which adds a new, unanticipated layer of understanding for the learner. Plus, Amy's voice is like luxurious honey and that makes listening/ watching the videos super enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course for any beginner to astrology. It is thorough without being cluttered; spacious without being superficial. In short, a perfect mixture of breadth and depth. Looking forward to studying more of astrology from Amy <3"

Esha Rana



"Absolutely loved this course! Amy is so knowledgeable and has a skill for delivering information on a topic that is at times complex/complicated in an easy to understand way. Can’t wait for Astrology Level 2! X"

Danielle Abdullah



"I loved this course! I have always wanted to learn more about astrology but found everything that I read just too much of an information overload. Amy's course broke down all the information in such an interesting and easy to follow way. The way she conveyed the course material was so well done and I found myself wanting to learn more after each module. I now have such a better and clear understanding of astrology and am so excited to incorporate it into my business. Amy is such a beautiful soul and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn of her."

Lisa Bentley

The investment for the course is $497 AUD. Alternatively, a payment plan is available of 2 x monthly payments of $250 AUD. 
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About Amy 

I'm a  professional astrologer, human design guide, energy alchemist and business mentor. I’ve spent the last 10+ years supporting and working closely with business owners, in a wide range of industries. During this time I had to learn how to manage my own energy, as a Projector and highly sensitive, and also deeply understand business energetics. I now work for myself supporting business owners and creatives to remember their innate power and worth, and create aligned + enriching success.

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